Terms and Conditions

Mark and Andreas Apartments Terms and Conditions

This business is fully registered with the Registered authorities for the purpose of accounting and IVA / Tax.

The Operator of this business is Mark Goshawk with the NIE: Y3855666Y

The Registered address is

Avenida Tortuga Boba.
Bahia de Vera A3-09,
Vera Playa,

Our Correspondence Email address is accounts@mark-and-andreas-apartments.es

The official Registered NIE/NIF number will be visible on all documentation, contracts, Invoicing used by us.

The NIE/NIF Number of Mark Goshawk will form part of the contract between MA Apts and the purchasing Client/s for the purchase of managed products and services.

  1. Terms and Conditions used within this document: the words “you” and “your”, “Owner/s” “Client” refers to the person/s receiving goods or services from us.
  2. The terms “We” “our” “us” “MA Apts” refer to Mark and Andreas Apartments.
  3. The term In Writing, refers to Email notifications from either us or the client.
  4. By placing an order for goods or services with us, you have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.
  5. Any matters arising from these terms and conditions are subject to Spanish law.

Section 1, The legal requirements

  1. The property to be managed must be owned in its entirety by the person/s requesting services.
  2. The property must be in a full available position to be rented out legally for term rentals and/or vacation Rentals.
  3. For Vacation Rentals, A Rental Tourist Licence must be made available to legally enable vacation rentals.
  4. Products or services are purchased through our website, you will be contacted within 72 hours to arrange implementing your purchased services.
  5. Once we have confirmed your purchase of services in writing, Your order will be non-refundable after 72 hours.

Section 2, Our Purchase Terms:

  1. Our managed products are available as individual products, or as a discounted complete package as described on our website.
  2. All payments are annual.
  3. Any Invoice that maybe supplied for any managed products, may be paid for by clicking the pay now link through Stripe Payments on the Invoice that’s sent to you Via your E-Mail or by bank transfer as preferred.
  4. Failure to complete this payment will deem your/any purchase with us as null and void.
  5. All/any Services purchased, will only be implemented upon your full payment received by us.
  6. You will only and always pay what has been Invoiced to you by us in writing at the time of placing your order.
  7. This includes all and any taxes at 21% IVA, by the Spanish authorities.
  8. We without prejudice, reserve the right to vary our advertised future prices at any time without notice; on all our points of sale 

Section 3, Administration of Managed Products:

  1. You Must sign a letter of Authority for MA Apts to act on your behalf for your Registered owned property (Term Rentals and Vacation Rentals)
  2. MA Apts will act as your principal agent at all times to administer and control the products you have contracted to, and with your full authorisation.
  3. MA Apts will act as the direct agent for any client contracted to an advertised property on behalf of the owner.
  4. All Contracted product descriptions purchased are defined clearly, and will be conducted as per the product description.
  5. All other jointly agreed requirements directly expressed by you will be itemised and implemented to your instruction. (Where available)
  6. Advertising of your property is principally on our Spanish Website Mark and Andreas Apartments ES and will be listed with photographs and descriptions in a manner to successfully promote it as you have specified/agreed on your order.
  7. If your Home is available for Vacation holiday lets, It will also be promoted through AirBnB Holidays, and our own website
  8. All properties advertised for rental, will have equal listing and no bias shall be shown for any property advertised by us.
  9. Any refunds (If applicable) will be made ONLY by bank Transfer and within 30 days of your notification by us in writing

Section 4, Key Holding:

  1. MA Aps will ensue all keys held (Key holding Services) are secure, and in secure control at all times.
  2. No reproduction or replacements shall be acquired without explicit consent in writing.
  3. Keys shall only be released to a pre approved rental client only, and approved contractors by agreement.

Section 5, Repairs and Services:

  1. If MA Apts conduct any Repairs or services for and on behalf of the Owner, to enable or continue to make enabled a rental facility, these actions shall be notified in writing (Where appropriate) before any commencement of notified works.
  2. If any services maybe chargeable to ensure the enabling or continued enabling of the rental facility, these costs will be notified promptly as they occur, and quotations obtained and forwarded for the owner’s approval.
  3. All costs incurred by any approved repairs must be settled within 7 days of invoicing at the end of each calendar month.
  4. The Owner/s is expected at all times to ensure the rental property is maintained in a legal and safe state of repairs, as notified by us.
  5. The financial liability of all structural and decorating repairs/upkeep is strictly the owner’s responsibility, unless pre-paid in advance by prior agreement to us.

Section 6, Internal/Eternal furnishings:

  1. All internal furniture and whitegoods/utensils should be replaced or repaired as required and will be at the owner’s explicit expense at all times (unless maliciously damaged by the tenant)
  2. Damage by the tenant either accidental or malicious will be treated on an individual merit, and a full unbiased report shall be sent to the owner for a decision.
  3. Normal wear and tear on any internal furnishings or appliance is deemed as acceptable, and owners should take this into account for an upgrading program
  4. All and any funds paid to us for enabling of any repairs on the owners behalf shall be held in a secure bank account and released only upon completion to the owner’s approval.

Section 7, How we handle your Data & Payment Controls:

  1. We will Never sell or supply any data to Non authorised sources, or not related to actions required to secure your business with us.
  2. We comply with the new GDPR EU Regulations from May 24th 2018
  3. Click Here for our Cookie Policy.
  4. For your Security, Our Bank handling facilities, and card payment facilities are handled by Stripe Payment Systems and Cajamar Rural Bank ES.

Section 8, Your Account

We automatically create or update an account when an order is made through our Website system, this comprises of an individual user account number that will stay with you, while ever you retain an account with us, these details can be viewed at any time, and your account should you wish, be deleted permanently. (click here for more information)

Click here to access your Account

Certain Data Items by law, We must retain for a period of 6 Years to comply with financial Authorities regulations, however, should you choose to delete your data details, the minimum legal details to comply with our legal obligations will be retained manually and automatically destroyed after the elapsed 6 year period.

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(These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, please check our website Regularly for the very latest updates.